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An alternative to the high cost of air freight and the logner transit time of ocean freight,Sea/Air or Rail/Air Combines the best of both.Csc Transport offers a clear Sea/Air or Rail/Air time defined schedules so that our clients can confidently manage their supply chain and benefit from the attractive Sea/Air or Rail/Air tariffs.

Sea/Air: First leg ex Asia to Dubai port ĘC transfer to Dubai airport and air lifted to final Airport. Transit time from port of loading to airport of destination approximately 15-19 days Mainly used for destinations in Europe and Africa. An additional option is via Korea/Seoul but mainly used during peak season ex Greater China airports (1st leg China port to Korea, second leg Seoul/airport to Europe / USA).

Rail/Air: First leg from Chinese railway hubs as: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Beijing ĘC to Urumuchi ĘC first leg transit time approximately 4-6 days 2nd leg Urumuchi/URC by air cargo freighter service to European airport hubs ( Germany ) 3rd leg by Road Feeder Service.

** No service during winter ĘC resumes operations about March / April. **